alexandriasucks asked:

I've always been interested in digital art and I was just recently given a intuos graphics tablet, and I really want to start to get into it, any tips?

Your digital paint world is going to open up massively for you now. My intuos is my child! 
If you’re starting from scratch then I really recommend learning your way around whatever software you are using first (photoshop, painter etc). There are tons of tutorials on places like Deviantart and ImagineFX. Practice the basics first- don’t get too caught up in using a million brushes and filters! 
Once you know what you can do with the programs then you start to figure out what brushes you prefer using, their pressure sensitivity etc.. and setting shortcut keys to your tablet is fantastic lol. Mine are set to changing brush size, the lasso tool and eyedrop tool. 

Everybody learns differently though. There are books on learning photoshop, loads of online tutorials, even classes on it. Personally, I just picked it up and started messing around with it on my own. I remember at first it being so overwhelming! but don’t let this scare you away lol. I stumbled around with the tools, looked at a couple tutorials online. My mistake was using too many brushes and filters so all my work looked so cheap and messy. It was during college that I started to figure out what I should do with the tools that worked best for me and my tutor in university showed me some more advanced options later. 

That being said this is just my own personal experience. I hope it helps point you in some sort of direction! :) Go check out some tutorials, make notes, and have fun! Find artists that you love and study their work. 

My tutor always said art is about observing, observing, drawing, observing, and observing. 

Not my initial plan for the “Revival” designs I recently uploaded. I’m still working on those! However, I thought I would add a splash of colour and take Julia Alison’s advice in uploading them as a pattern on Society 6. 

My Society 6 account can be seen HERE. 

psst. Go check out Julia Alison’s work too. She’s awesome.