I am a college student, who makes money on the side by selling my own prints, shirts, buttons, and stickers through Storenvy. Here is why I don’t like those websites where they print your items for you and ship them out while giving you a small percentage. My personal experience is with INPRNT…

Some very helpful advice. I’m looking to get off Society6 and sell stuff through my own store. Although I haven’t looked into Storenvy yet, I’m assuming it’s a bit like Etsy. Customers and lovely fans deserve something personal! I love the idea of writing thank you notes and actually signing my prints that go out. With S6 I don’t have that option and don’t make as much XD. 

Great links to check out too. In the UK I was using badgesaplenty for buttons and a local printer. Time to check out some USA options. Thanks Jacquelin! 

I will add though that S6 has been really helpful while traveling. If you are away from home often or not settled down somewhere yet then it’s nice not having to worry about packaging and shipping things out. 

Anonymous asked:

Do you cosplay?

Nah. I have done in the past (rinoa and advent children tifa) but I’ve found it just isn’t my thing. And I can’t sew anything to save my life!
Having said that I’ll probably be making an appearance as Red Riding Hood from the Fairy Tale Games when I go to cons to help represent lol. It’ll be odd cosplaying a character I helped create in a way.

So I’ve been watching this artist for YEARS and only just realised he has a tumblr account. *DERP* 
You all must go follow David Petersen now if you don’t already. His Mouse Guard comics are amazing. 

Anonymous asked:

Do you have a problem with female Cosplayers

(I’m assuming you ask this because of my Thor comment) 

er… no. I never said that. There are just some Thor cosplayers out there that I personally think left little to the imagination lol. Don’t get me wrong I love womens’ figures (that’s mostly what I draw) but if I were to design Thor as a woman I wouldn’t give her a teeny metal bikini top haha. In fact there are a couple cosplayers I know that did really gorgeous female Loki and Thor costumes and I LOVED THEM! That’s just my opinion though. If you like Thor in some other outfit then that’s fine, doesn’t bother me! This is just why I like the new Thor design. 

Atleast I’m not ranting on about “Thor shouldn’t be a woman! How dare they!” 
and of course there are always worse things in life to worry about than my own opinion on this.